Virtual Wellness Coaching

Now that you are familiar with what holistic wellness coaching is and you’ve also gotten to know our team, Kelli and Jess, a bit, you think you are ready to take the next step, BUT you don’t live in BCS, or let alone even Texas… now what? 

We want you to know that we have created our coaching to be accessible and inclusive for ALL people, no matter what your zip code. If you have it in your heart and your mind that you want to focus on wellness through a holistic lens, then we can make a plan that works for you.  

So, what does virtual wellness coaching look like? Let us tell you!  

After your initial discovery call, our team will put together a custom proposal for you, outlining our commitments to you, your commitments to yourself, and our collective goals. From there, you can choose if you want ALL the coaching, or if you want to start slow and add as we go. (Remember, this is YOUR wellness plan, the last thing we want you to feel is overwhelmed). Next up, your one-on-one sessions, these can be done over Zoom or Facetime, this is where we will outline the plan of action. HOW are we going to implement these commitments to achieve our goals?  

Next up, we DO! We will schedule times each week for your virtual sessions. Fitness sessions will be based around custom programming created just for you. Jessica will explain what muscle groups we are targeting, any potential modifications/adjustments you may need, and will demonstrate how each move is done. Coaching you through each rep to ensure your form, your body, and your mind are in sync.  

For your nutrition sessions, any necessary meal planning supplies and resources you need will be sent to you via email AND mail (because who doesn’t love a good hard copy), so that we can work through the process together. Learning how to incorporate clean and whole foods into your diet, while also learning how to efficiently prep. 

Yoga at The Bridge BCS has been virtual from day one, so not only will you get private one-on-one virtual sessions with Kelli and a customized list of recommended classes, but you will also have access to every single class offered at The Bridge included in the cost of your monthly coaching. The classes are diverse and there to meet the needs of every person.  

Last, but certainly not least, meditation and spiritual guidance. You will work with Kelli one-on-one to uncover how and why meditation is for you. She will help you to create a weekly meditation schedule, give you daily journal prompts, and will strengthen your mind/body connection more than you imagined possible.  

All limbs of coaching, no matter if you do all, or one, will come with accountability check ins.  Taking on new things and creating news routines in your life aren’t necessarily easy, but with support and accountability from your coaches, you WILL be successful on your journey to contentment. We can’t wait to work with you and begin your journey to Santosha, whether virtual or in-person.  

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