Holistic Wellness

A Holistic Approach to Mind-Body-Spirit Health

A Holistic Approach to Body-Mind-Spirit Health

Holistic Wellness Coaching is not about a number on a scale, a number associated with the macros you consume at one meal, or the number of times you have tried to transform yourself and failed.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is about learning how to see yourself as a WHOLE individual and begin to make decisions that are kind and compassionate and accepting toward that individual. We don’t make sustainable changes in our life from a place of hate or dissatisfaction; changes are only sustainable when they are done mindfully and with the “whole you” in mind. 

We will start our work together by looking forward and looking inward. The past is done; we cannot change it, nor should we want to. I am here to help you learn to live in the present moment, so that each moment of HERE & NOW allows you to cultivate the life and the future that you most desire.  Our work will answer some key questions throughout this journey, but don’t be surprised if your answers shift during our work together! Also, don’t be surprised if some of these seemingly simple questions are really hard to answer right now.

If you are ready for authentic PRESENT-MOMENT living that helps you make healthy and compassionate decisions for yourself, then I am the wellness coach for you. 

If you are looking for a quick fix in 30 days with extreme changes to your everyday life, you’ll want to look for coaching elsewhere.

If you are ready for coaching that helps you experience joy and peace every single day, then let’s get started!

Kelli Norgaard
Kelli Norgaard
Kelli Norgaard and Jessica

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