Mindful living isn’t difficult; we just have to remind ourselves to do it.
Sharon Salzburg

The Pranayama Group is ready to help you find mindful practices that can transform all aspects of your life.

Kelli Norgaard

Why the Pranayama Group?

Prana, Qi, Energy – no matter what language you translate it into, the meaning stays the same. Prana is the life force energy that flows through all living beings. It is a reminder that we are ALIVE, and that we are meant to live VIBRANT and HEALTHY lives … personally, professionally, and relationally.

The Pranayama Group was founded on these principles and is ready to share them with you!

Whether you need coaching and support in your personal life or in your professional roles, we have the tools you need to find that vibrancy, where you can experience joy and contentment every single day.

Kelli Sammis, Ed.D.

My journey through both a 30-year career in education and a yoga practice dating back to high school has taught me that how I take care of myself has a direct impact on how I am able to show up in all parts of my life. I wake up every day ready to embrace the day with mindfulness and intention, and I know that the tools my journey has given me both professionally and personally can help you do the same.   

Kelli Norgaard Dr of Education from ULM
Kelli Norgaard, Pranayama Group,Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Certification Badge
Kelli Norgaard, E-RYT 500
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A holistic Suite of


Kelli Norgaard, Pranayama Group

Holistic Coaching

Personal Coaching allows you to explore YOUR story in a safe environment, focusing on how to find your way back to you.

Kelli Norgaard, Pranayama Group

Educational Consulting

Sustainable systems with tools and approaches that help students thrive in this fast-paced world.

Kelli Norgaard

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga practices enable you to explore and heal your physical self and are a door to the soul within.

Kelli Norgaard, Pranayama Group


Ayurvedic practices may be thousands of years old, but they are still effective in our 21st-century world.

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